DuckDuckGo lets you check your Bitcoin wallet balance

DuckDuckGo, the search engine that doesn’t track you, added yet another feature to its “instant answer” interface recently: the ability to check your Bitcoin wallet’s balance.

As we reported while it was in beta, DuckDuckGo has been rolling out substantial improvements to its interface and functionality, such as building in image and news search.

The search engine, which is best known for its best-in-class privacy protections for users, has also long distinguished itself with what it calls “instant answers.” A simple example would be the way it presents definition-oriented information when appropriate:


Who’s that Snowden guy? Oh yeah! Thanks, DuckDuckGo. Of course, with all irony intended, these features are meant to give you a reason other than all of the Snowden-esque surveillance on the likes of Google to use DuckDuckGo.

This new feature, spotted by Reddit user _zekiel, allows users to easily check their Bitcoin wallet’s balance by simply inputting the wallet address as a search query. Here’s an example of how that looks:


Sadly, that wallet address does not belong to me. If you’re new to Bitcoin, you might not realize how much money that is. That’s okay, DuckDuckGo can help you with that, too.


DuckDuckGo was able to implement this feature thanks in large part to Chain, a group that maintains an API for people to develop useful Bitcoin services like this one. The Bitcoin wallet instant answer is just one of hundreds and veteran users of DuckDuckGo like myself are still discovering new ones each day.

For example, DuckDuckGo can be your go-to place to find the best apps; just search “FanSided” and you’ll find us on every platform!

Can you blame us for not keeping our Blackberry App up to date?

Can you blame us for not keeping our Blackberry App up to date?

Let us know if you find any hidden gems on DuckDuckGo!

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