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Here's what Netflix's new logo looks like

Netflix is apparently doing a quiet rollout of a new logo, starting with the graphics on its web streaming interface.

Without further ado, here are the two screen grabs we could muster; unfortunately, no high-resolution versions are available yet.


For comparison’s sake, here’s the original logo, which is still present on all of their corporate web pages.


Basically, they have changed the iconic font to something a little more generic while flattening the design. It’s no surprise to see the design become flatter, as that is all the rage these days. Google recently changed their logo to flatten it, as well. Perhaps another benefit to this can be seen in the place where Netflix first teased this new logo: the trailer for Season 2 of Orange is the New Black.

A flat logo like that is easy to superimpose on original programming as is much easier to adapt to different backgrounds – with the old logo, to put it on a transparent background, they’d have to some odd decision-making about where the shadow should end and begin.

Accompanying this new logo is a slight refresh of the web interface for web streaming as well.

netflixnewlogowebinterfaceThere is also a parallax scrolling effect with the header.

While it’s odd to see Netflix with a new logo after all this time, it looks sharp enough and still seems to evoke “the movies” the way the original did. We’ll update with higher resolution images and statements from Netflix when they become available.

Featured image by Matt Perrault (Flickr).

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