Google Now will find events to put in your calendar

As has become par for the course, Google Now has added yet another feature to try to make your life easier. This time, it will automatically suggest calendar events to you, based on your Gmail inbox.

This had been anticipated by Android Police, who also reported about the rollout today. Not everyone will get the feature right away, but most Americans should have it within a few days. We aren’t sure when iOS users will see this update, but it very well may happen just as quickly.


While it isn’t clear how much this will expand, your Gmail inbox will at least be fair game as Google Now tries to find potential calendar events for you. It would make sense for it to scan Hangouts conversations too. Google Now already will automatically serve you info about your upcoming flights as well as bill due dates, so these features might get rolled into calendar suggestions as well.

Source: Android Police

Source: Android Police

For the sake of clarity, it looks like Google Now will make it pretty obvious where they got the idea from. Of course, if this is all too creepy for you, this can be turned off by hitting the little wand and going to the “everything else” section.

Google has been going hard and fast with the updates to Google Now lately; it will be interesting to see whether are any big updates left to announce at Google I/O later this month.

Featured image by Carlos Luna (Flickr).

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