Apple iOS 8: First Impressions from Beta Testing

With the announcement of iOS 8 on Monday at WWDC, Apple released the first beta of the software to developers. After two days of using iOS 8, I’ve made a few notes and opinions to share. Keeping in mind this is the first beta, it is understandable that there will be several bugs!

Texting becomes easier

Apple introduced the new QuickType software for iOS 8. The software learns your typing patterns and conversations (stored only on the device you use and not shared) and then predicts what you will type next. It makes typing easier and more convenient, especially on the go. Audio and video features also come in handy as well!

The feature that is long overdue that was introduced on Monday was being able to respond to push notifications – including text messages – without having to leave the app you are using. Definitely a convenient addition in iOS 8.

Both of these features are welcoming features that I’ve enjoyed so far and seem to work really well without any bugs in the first beta!

Push notifications need improvement

This may be a simple issue of the app developers not having an iOS 8 ready app, but one issue that I’ve noticed is that not every app will push notifications under iOS 8 as they did in iOS 7. Facebook, Bleacher Report, and Twitter are three of the most popular apps and commonly used (by me) apps that haven’t sent a notification to my devices yet under iOS 8 beta.

I think this is an issue with the apps themselves, but it not…Apple has a huge bug to squash in the next beta release! I for one love push notifications and rely on them throughout my busy day!

 Automatically clean up messages

One small update in “Messages” that comes in handy for me personally and goes along way is the ability and settings to store messages on your phone. You’ve always been able to store your messages forever or manually delete in previous versions of iOS. In iOS 8, you can now set a setting to store messages for: forever, 30 days, and one year. If you’re busy and on the go, you probably forget to delete old conversations and they just sit on your phone taking up precious hard drive space. Now you can change that in the event you forget periodically clean up!

It’s a small feature that goes a long way. I find it a small gesture that is very useful for me.

I have not really messed with the new contact features when you double tap to pull up your open apps, nor have I played much with the new photo features. But overall, considering this is a first beta, iOS 8 is impressive and a nice upgrade from the much needed iOS 7 update last year. There will be several betas that get rid of the small bugs and issues, but iOS 8 should impress!

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