Kittyo lets you love your cat remotely

Kittyo, a new product that just blew its funding goal away on Kickstarter, aims to make the impossible possible: giving your cat affection from miles away.

Place the tower in a space where your cats typically roam and your surrogate will be in place.


The tower is obviously going to be the hardware of interest here. let’s go over some of its functions.

  • Watch kitties with a 360° rotating camera that automatically detects and follows their movements.
  • Open the snack tray to reward the cats for good behavior.
  • Play using a cat classic, the laser light.
  • Talk to your cats or play pre-recorded sounds.
  • Record and share videos of your cat at play

All it takes to connect with the Kittyo is an Android or iOS smartphone. From their app, you can watch and control the tower.


You will need Wi-Fi connectivity to get the tower to be able to communicate with your phone.

While this can’t replace human care, it can make short stays away from home much smoother. Lots of cat owners will go away for a weekend or so and leave the cat with enough food and water for the time away. This can still leave owners very worried – but not with Kittyo’s watchful eye around the house.

The founders had set a goal of $30,000 for their Kickstarter campaign, but ended up with nearly 10 times that amount. Now, they are still offering a reduced price of $149 for pre-order; units are expected to ship in November.

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