See how long it takes to binge watch a show with this tool

A new website,, has one simple purpose: tell you how long it takes to binge watch that show you’ve been thinking about. It’s a tool you may have never known you wanted until just now, when you realized just how useful that can be.

With Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Go becoming more and more prevalent, it has never been easier to binge watch a show. For many of us, this is something we do to get into a show that has been on TV for a long time. In my case, Breaking Bad was four seasons deep before I had ever seen an episode. Mad Men was in its fourth season when I began watching, too.

Society realized that this was no reason to despair back when these shows released season DVDs back in the 90s; of course, back then, that was the only way. That way was an expensive way. At that point, buying TV series on DVD was something for avid fans more than it was for creating new fans.

Now, with the relatively low prices and ease of use of online streaming services, this serves both purposes. The unfamiliar viewers will test drive a new show, which may lead to binge watching. Devoted fans can and do revisit their favorites that they once watched on their first airing. I will admit that I have seen each episode of The Office at least three times. The Jim and Pam wedding episode? At least ten.

Nowadays, people that are rabid fans of a show may put off watching it just so they can binge watch later. I have observed this behavior with Game of Thrones fans, in particular. I confess I’ve never watched the show, but I know that I always can pick it up and binge watch whenever I feel like it. How liberating!

But as you schedule your private or social binge watching sessions, do you know how much time you need to budget to get through that season? Probably not, at least not without some research. You’ll know whether the show lasts 30 minutes or an hour, and you can get on IMDB and look up how many episodes there are. Do you know how long it will be after removing the commercials? Do you just hate math? has your back.


If you’re trying to binge watch Breaking Amish, nothing can save you.

The no frills site lets you search for a show, pick a season, and it gives you a readout of the time needed in days, hours, and minutes. Try it out. You can also use it to see just how much time you’ve wasted watching TV when you might have had work to do.


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