The rapid expansion of Bitcoin in two maps

Bitcoin, the digital currency du jour, has really come into its own recently. While early adopters have long seen their initial investments make them into rich people in theory, the usefulness of Bitcoin used to be rather iffy in terms of day-to-day use.

You just couldn’t buy stuff that easily; compared to your everyday US dollars or euro, it’s still not that easy. However, as you can see from the graphic below, it’s getting much better.

The website Coinmap collects data on merchants that accept Bitcoin as payment. In the image, you can see an archived version from May 2013 compared to a present-day coinmap. The map automatically groups Bitcoin-accepting merchants into regions so you can more easily get a feel for which areas are Bitcoin-friendly. On the site itself, you can get a more precise visualization by zooming in, filtering, or maybe including the entirety of Australia.


As you can see, the United States and non-eastern portions of Europe are leading the pack in terms of adoption. While most of South America is relatively bare of Bitcoin-friendly merchants, the vast majority of that “122” number you can see on the east coast of the continent consists of merchants in Buenos Aires, Argentina. ¡Buen trabajo, Argentina!

In North America, New York City and Los Angeles lead the pack in terms of metropolitan areas. San Francisco and Dallas lag slightly behind. Vancouver is by far the leader in Canada.

Image originally posted on Reddit.

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