Want an update the Troy Tulowitzki, fantasy god, goes down with injury? You better get IFTTT working for you.

Dominate your fantasy league with IFTTT

IFTTT, which stands for If This Then That, is a service with limitless potential applications. Of course, when there are so many possibilities, it can be hard to figure out just how it might work for you. For a fantasy addict, you can make sure you never miss your fantasy player’s injury or benching by using IFTTT to update you on the spot. 

On IFTTT, you set up “recipes.” A recipe consists of a “trigger” and an “action.” These can range from the mundane to the complex. For instance, one of the all-time most used recipes on IFTTT is this:


Just as it says, by connecting IFTTT to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, you can automatically keep your profile pictures in sync. Best of all, this just takes a few minutes to set up. Let’s look at how IFTTT can work to feed your fantasy sports addiction.

Stay on top of your fantasy team

IFTTT recently added support for Yahoo Fantasy Sports. Here are some possible recipes. Click on the photos to go to that recipe’s page on IFTTT and set it up for yourself.



These allow you to be updated when a player on your team’s status changes, such as when he or she is injured or not starting that day. Above you can see recipes to get notifications on iOS or Android, but there are also equivalent recipes that send you an SMS text message or email.

Go Jedi-level in your fantasy league

Do you want to real-time updates for every transaction in your league? Do you want the ability to analyze specific trends in the way opposing managers work the waiver wire? IFTTT can give you the tools to take your fantasy obsession to the next level.


Yep, you can get instant email notifications for every player release, addition, and trade that goes down in your league. If you don’t have Gmail, you can this recipe for any other email provider. Also, you can get these updates via text, Android notification, or iOS notification.

Are you more oriented towards information gathering? I have just the recipe for you. Keep track of all league transactions in a spreadsheet.


You won’t be caught off-guard by that slumping player hitting the waiver wire when you already knew from your spreadsheet that that manager always drops good players too soon.

Tell the world about your dominance

For some of us, the most important part of having a good fantasy team is that everyone who can know about it, does know about it. IFTTT can help you out here, too.



You can also automatically send an email to a pre-defined list of recipients, post to Tumblr, or you can make your own recipe to get the news out on your favorite social network.

Have your own brilliant workflow for your fantasy team? Tell the world in the comments!

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