Flappy Bird to make a Summer return to the App Store


The ever popular Flappy Bird is coming back to the App Store. Kelly Evans confirmed that a multiplayer version of the game will be released sometime this summer.

Dong Nguyen, the developer of the original Flappy Bird, confirmed that the game is indeed making a return but will be a multiplayer game this time. He also confirms that it won’t be as addictive.

As many know, Flappy Birds was removed from the App Store because Nguyen felt the game was too addictive. The game ranked as the No. 1 download on the Apple App Store for weeks and rumor says that developer Dong Nguyen was making thousands of dollars per day from the game via advertising revenue. That still didn’t keep Nguyen from leaving the game on the App Store.

The original Flappy Bird was free and highly addictive because of its difficult gameplay that kept players wanting to try again to improve their best score. Since the removal of Flappy Bird, many copycat versions of Flappy Bird still remain on the App Store.

The cost and release date of the new multiplayer version adopted by Nguyen has not been released yet. Stay tuned with GeekSided for more information.

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